Sunday, September 16, 2007

Is This The End Of The Line For The Juice?

Are we about to go through another OJ nightmare? Sources say OJ Simpson is being held in connection with an armed robbery in Las Vegas. It was 13 years ago when OJ Simpson, a once boyhood hero of mine, was implicated in the murder of his ex-wife Nicole. At the time, OJ had a reputation as one of the sporting world's good guys. Further looks into his life as a retired football player showed that he may not have been the white knight that he was thought to be. He fought the charges by hiring a cadre of the world's best attorney's who then proceeded to create reasonable doubt (yes you can create reasonable doubt) by suppressing evidence, handpicking a jury and by playing to racial fears and prejudices that really did exist in the area.
This time, the aging Simpson's reputation is less than "sterling", his brilliant attorney Johnny Cochran is no longer with us and it may be harder to find a predominately black jury in
Las Vegas. It is important that OJ receive a fair trial and that the wheels of justice bring the proper verdict.

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