Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mariners Looking At Hiring Sportscaster Reynolds

The Seattle Mariners are looking at the possibility of hiring popular sports analyst
Harold Reynolds. Reynold was an excellent player and considered a role model for his off the field charity work when he played for the M's. The hitch is that Reynolds was relieved of his duties at ESPN amid charges of sexual harassment.
There is no way at this time to find out the validity of these charges. The thing of concerns here is the message that get sent if the Mariners hire him.
A baseball team is a public entity and as such or even more are the people who bring broadcast it, namely the announcers who are the connection we fans have to the team. To hire Reynold at this time can send the message of the propagation of the "old boy network".
Reynolds' evaluation of the situation was that he "gave a woman a hug and it was misinterpreted" not likely. I think to warrant dismissal for such offense there would have to be evidence of a pattern of behavior. Even so, most would be aware which co-workers are the most personable or compatible.
I am not writing this to be hanging judge or to prejudge this case. He could have been trapped or set up. I just think that we should consider all sides before making a decision.

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