Thursday, October 17, 2019

ABC 1989 World Series Game 3 Earthquake

30 years ago today! October 17th, 1989.   I remember it so well.  I had just moved to Seattle in late May of '89 and was living in a house with two other people in the Juanita area of Kirkland.

The World Series, much bigger than it seems to be this day was between two teams from the San Francisco Bay Area.  The San Francisco Giants from the National League and the Oakland Athletics  from the American League.

I had been looking forward to watching the game on TV.   I turned the TV  on and watched the pregame buildup.  Suddenly when I was watching (as shown in this video) I heard someone say "earthquake".  

An earthquake had just struck during the World Series between the two teams from that area.  I remember KOMO news crew came on, Kerry Brock was one of the anchors and I believe Dan Lewis.  The coverage was totally on the destruction in the Bay Area.

There was some cause for concern as my brother was going to college in San Francisco. I turned out that he was alright.

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