Monday, June 03, 2019

Mitch Delivers Touching Interview With Author Steven Elliott

Mitch Levy, once the host of Sportsradio KJR's morning program has once again shown that he can deliver a great human interest interview on his now, once a week podcast.
On this week's show, Levy interviews Steven Elliott, the author of War Story.
To back things up, there is a sports angle to this story.  In 2004, Pat Tillman of the Arizona Cardinals, quit football to volunteer for US Army.  Of course, at the time, the country was mourning 9/11.   He was later reported to have been a war casualty.  First reported to be a victim of an enemy ambush and then revealed to be a victim of "friendly fire."
Steven Elliott is reported to be one of two soldier that may be responsible for Tillman's death.  Elliott has gone through life carrying the guilt of someone who most likely snuffed out the life of someone considered an American hero.
You can hear Levy interview Elliott, now a resident of Olympia about 40 minutes into the podcast by clicking here.

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