Thursday, October 12, 2017

KIRO Afternoon Drive Personality Bares Soul

KIRO-FM personalities Ron And Don have a certain chemistry that seems to work on the radio.  Every weekday I can't wait to listen to their show on the way home from work.  Don O'Neill is the outspoken one with the deep voice, while Ron Upshaw seems to be the more reasoning soft spoken one.
Although the show is generally light hearted, they don't avoid serious topics. 
Still it was shocking a couple nights ago when O'Neill launch into a very soul baring speech about what he referred to as a family secret.  He was talking about what he said was mental health issues that run in his family, possibly something that involves himself. I had never, in my decades of listening to radio of all kinds, heard an announcer speak so personally.  It was rather refreshing to hear what sounded as unrehearsed honesty in this day in age on the radio.  You can read O'Neill's  speech by clicking here.

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