Monday, June 27, 2016

The Veep Season 5 Finale (Spoiler Alert)

If you have recorded this show or plan to watch it on (On Demand) you should stop reading.
The last episode of season 5 gives many opportunities for a twist to allow Selina to stay in power.
After a tie in the House Of Representatives in the last show, Selina's chance to be elected president go out the window. According to the constitution, after a tie in the electoral college and the House, the issue of electing a president goes to the Senate where they pick amongst the VP candidates. Pretty strange.  Selina has come to despise her pick, the charismatic Tom James, but in a last desperate attempt to hang on to power, agrees to serve as his Vice President, after he refuses to consider her request to be Secretary Of State.
At this point, you figure that is how season 6 will open, however, James loses in the Senate.  When the tie vote goes to the sitting Veep, Andrew Doyle, he picks the opposition Vice President Laura Montez.  Selina has lost all power and position. 
A heavy drinking session with of all people,  goofy Richard, leaves the idea that she may wake up and the loss would be a dream, however, it's not the case. 
Selina's body man, Gary, goes on a shocking profanity laden diatribe on Selina's staff similar to Selina's many outbursts.  Times in the series when things were grave, only to have a twist.
Senator Montez is inaugurated and in shades of 1980, when the Iran hostages were released at the time of Reagan's inauguration, we learn that Tibet gets it's independence, an accomplishment that Selina had so badly wanted.
It was a surreal episode and you would think that would wrap up the series, however, the show has been renewed for season 6.  It should return in late April.

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