Thursday, June 09, 2016

Legendary Restaurateur Stuart Anderson Dies

Stuart Anderson, whose Black Angus Restaurants became familiar sights in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, has died in Rancho Mirage, Ca at 93.  At one time, he owned 100 restaurants in 19 states, at last count, there were about 47.  He had sold the chain years ago, but recently owned a restaurant in Rancho Mirage.  A familiar face in the Pacific Northwest with his western looks, he had recently been seen in the area in ads aimed toward seniors. 
In Walla Walla, the steak house was located in the iconic Whitman Tower.  In featured a motor inn and had a popular singles bar.  A Stuart Anderson cattle ranch was located off I-90 near Ellensburg. It was visible to travelers with the restaurant logo on the water towers.

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