Thursday, May 26, 2016

Local Writer Under Fire For Atlantic Article

It should have been the hallmark of a journalism career.  Erica C. Barnett, who has written for a number of what I would call non mainstream media publications such as the Seattle Weekly, Crosscut, and the Publicola blog, was getting published by the well respected Atlantic
It was a great topic, the abuse city council women reportedly have taken after a controversial vote to not vacate part of Occidental Avenue to make way for a proposed professional basketball arena.  The vote was 5-4 and happened to split along gender lines.  The 4 male council members voted in favor and 5 women voted against. 
What was erroneously reported was that the firestorm of calls were initiated by KIRO afternoon radio hosts Ron and Don gave out the phone numbers of female council members, urging them to call them out on the arena vote.  
The hosts pointed out on air that they did not urge listeners to call on that topic, but had urged callers to call council woman Sally Bagshaw and  Mayor Ed Murray on a topic of how Seattle handles it's homeless. 
The mention of Ron And Don was pulled from the article and Barnett issued a statement.  Barnett stated that she was going on information from her speaking with Bagshaw.  She also stated that she did not listen to the Ron And Don program and had no opinion on the proposed arena. Barnett claimed that she did not speak to the station or the radio hosts because they were not the central part of the story. 
Time will tell on what the ramifications are to this, but it sure it home for me what I still remember Mr. Maxon in my journalism class told me.  To use attribution and to research my topics thoroughly.

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