Saturday, May 14, 2016

Barers Of Maple Valley Blogger Wins Top 5 At 5 On KIRO

I usually listen to Ron And Don's Top 5 At 5 on the way home from work.  That is a feature on 97.3 Kiro fm where the radio hosts reports on 5 stories after the CBS News at 5 in the evening.  Then listeners can call in and the first to correctly name each story wins a prize. 
Yesterday, I left work in time to catch the entire show.  I carefully noted each story and by the time I got to my destination, they finished the last story and asked listeners to call in.  The first time that I called, I got a busy signal, but then I called again.  The producer Sean answered the phone and I  was able to remember each story. 
1.  Sound Transit party costs city 875 thousand dollars.
2. Donald Trump said to be posing as his publicist and talking to reporters.
3. Seattle Sounders Soccer team is working to find and develop local soccer talent.
4. Money Monster movie review
5. Michael Strahan does last show for Kelly and Michael

My prize was tickets to see Steve Tyler at McCaw Hall and dinner at the Edgewater.  I was disappointed that they did not say my name on the radio.

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