Thursday, January 28, 2016

Acid Rock Pioneer Paul Kantner Dies

Paul Kantner helped form the break through sound of San Francisco when he co-founded Jefferson Airplane, along with the Doors from LA, California based music went from surfer type to an indescribable guitar based sound seemingly influenced by psychedelic drugs.  With the outrageous lead Singer, Grace Slick, the hard pounding "Somebody To Love" became a Rock anthem.  To balance out the group, Marty Balin, also sang lead.  Jefferson Airplane was the first and best known of a flurry of groups to come out with an acid rock sound and  seemingly nonsensical  names (remember Strawberry Alarm Clock?). 
In the 70s', Kantner would reemerge, along with Slick, and Balin with a group with a similar sounding name, Jefferson Starship, making such commercial hits as "Miracles" and "Jane"
Kantner had many health problems and had suffered a heart attack a few days earlier.

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