Saturday, November 21, 2015

J-Rod Comments Spark Outrage

In the early days of 5th LD Rep Jay Rodne's service, he was never much of a target.  Democrats would always focus efforts toward defeating then Rep Glenn Anderson and Senator Cheryl Pflug.  Rodne was considered a moderate Republican, who would straddle the middle on most issues.
That has changed and in a big way.  A few years ago, Rodne spoke out against marriage equality.  He has taken to walking up to the Democratic booth at festivals and debating issues, in it's self, not a bad thing to do. 
His latest foray has been statements criticizing the President and Governor Inslee on their stance on Syrian immigration.  After the Paris attacks, Rodne called Muslims barbarians and posted on facebook that Obama want to bring a million and a half Muslims into the country.  The Seattle Times called the statements false, using it's truth needle. 
The issue of bringing in Syrian refugees is indeed a sensitive issue, but before choosing sides, Rodne should get his facts straight and after that, articulate an opinion. 
Jay's district encompasses  North Bend, Issaquah, Carnation, and Maple Valley.

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