Friday, June 21, 2013

KIRO TV Sacks Pat--KIRO FM Picks Him Up

Seattle area residents reading this morning's Seattle Times (June 21st) were shocked to read that local radio icon Pat O'Day was asked not to return to KIRO 7's Seafair Hydroplane Race broadcast.  This, of course made little sense, since Pat had done the broadcast in some form since 1967.  At that time or soon after, Hydros and the race itself ruled in the city, since major league sports have arrived in town, as well as an influx of people all over the globe, the race's grip on the city has loosened.  In other words, the target audience for the race, is the same target audience that would probably long to hear the Seattle legend.
Enter KIRO-FM, which is no longer affiliated with KIRO TV.  They announced today that Pat O'Day will host a one hour special during the weekend of the Seafair Race.  The announcement was made during the Ron And Don drive time program on 97.3 KIRO FM.

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