Friday, June 07, 2013

Flight--Worth Seeing

(no spoilers)

A man is seen drinking, smoking weed, and doing coke before he is to pilot a commercial jet flight, you can can imagine the worst will happen and it does, almost.  But that is where the movie Flight is ironic.  Captain Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington), it seems, did not cause the plane to crash, but indeed, pulled off a move that saved almost all of  the passengers.  That is the moral dilemma of the movie, without the drunk Whitaker on board, everyone one the flight may have died.  Still the movie deals with two of every airline passengers worst fears, an impaired pilot and an airline emergency.  It takes us behind the scenes to the sleazier aspects as Whitaker's attorney and the airline try to cover up his drinking while on duty.  The movie also does a good job of taking us into the world of a functioning alcoholic, able to snap into duty with the uniform on, yet an absolute "trainwreck" in his personal life.  John Goodman does a couple scene stealing apearences as Whitaker's drug dealer.

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