Saturday, April 06, 2013

Seattle Times Retracts Story--Haywood Will Not Be Inducted

The Seattle Times is now reporting that ex-Sonic Spencer Haywood will not be selected for induction this year into the Naismith Hall Of Fame.  The Times based it's report on a statement that Haywood's agent gave to Fox Sports Florida.
Haywood is a former Olympian who began his career in the ABA with the Denver Nuggets where there were no requirements that his college class would need to graduate before he would be eligible to play.  NBA at the time did require that. 
The Seattle Super Sonics signed Haywood in 1970, still ineligible under NBA rules, however Sonic owner Sam Schulman challenged the rule, taking it to the Supreme Court.  The rule was struck down, paving the way for players like Moses Malone and Kobe Bryant to sign with teams before entering or finishing college.  Haywood played 5 seasons with the Sonics and led them to their first playoff berth.

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