Saturday, April 20, 2013

42 Brings Jackie Robinson To Life

(warning--some spoilers)

This movie is about much more that baseball and even much more that Jackie Robinson.  42 gets it's name from the number that Jackie Robinson wore when he played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. 
Up to 1947, Baseball player were all Caucasian.  The players thought that it was because they were superior, but really it was because of deep prejudices of owners, players and America in general.  Although at the time, there were no teams in the Deep South, Spring training was held there and many of the players were from that region.  Branch Rickey is the owner of the Dodgers and it is his belief that it is time to sign a black baseball player.He scout out Jackie Robinson, a star in the "Negro Leagues"  His manager, Leo Dourocher loves the idea and agrees with Rickey to make it happen.  Trouble is, Dourocher is suspended for the year and the Dodgers have to find a new manager.  They wind up with a retiree who has nowhere near the fire of Duroucher.  The movie is simplified to a battle between the good guys vs the bad guys.  The vitriol aimed at Robinson is quite disturbing, but because of that, you root a lot harder for him. 
My guess is that this movie and many of the actors will get Oscar consideration.

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