Sunday, December 30, 2012

So Long To 2012

It's time to look back on 2012, as reported in this blog.

January  Seattle area is hit with a huge snowstorm, making driving to work and back a real chore.  I also learn that my old co-worker from KYYX, Randi Thomas had died a while back.  New York Giants beat New England in the Super Bowl, perhaps signaling the end of Boston professional sports dominance.

February  We get a break from winter, taking a trip with in-laws and nephews to Annaheim, we visit Knotts Berry Farm and Disney California Adventure. We also took a trip to Hollywood and watched the set up for the Academy Awards which would take place soon after we left.  On a sad note, February saw the death of two pop music legends, Whitney Houston and Davy Jones. In addition, word was received that a Seattle native who became a successful financier, was working with the Mayor on a plan to build an arena in the hopes of bringing the NBA back to Seattle.

March  Marshawn Lynch signed a contract for 4 years 31 million dollars with the Seahawks.  The Seahawks also managed to sign Green Bay Packers back up quarterback Matt Flynn.  It seemed at the time that the Matt Flynn era was starting in Seattle, we would soon learn otherwise.  Also, My nephew Ethan turned 13, officially becomming a Teenager.  My friend, Rick and I managed to get up to Snoqualmie pass to do some skiing, the first times that I had hit the slopes in over 10 years.

April  Former WSU quarterback Ryan Leaf caught breaking into houses more than once. American Bandstand Host Dick Clark passes away.  The Space Needle turns 50 and a bear is seen in Maple Valley, prompting a helicopter search.

May Democrat Mark Mullet kicked off his campaign to represent the 5th District in the State Legislature.  KIRO710 announces it will carry Cougar sports. Senator Cheryl Pflug announces she is leaving her state senate position for a spot of the Growth Management Commission, she would later endorse Mullet for Senate.  Fred Meyer opens it's store in Maple Valley.  This blog celebrates it's 7th birthday.

To be continued!

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