Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WSU Football Controversy

When WSU hired Mike Leach as head football coach last year, the school  was hoping to put the program on the national "map".  It now is, but definitely, not the way it wants to be.  Premier wide receiver Marquess Wilson has left the team and shocked the sports world with accusations of "physical, emotional, and verbal abuse".  Reporters were already aware of how Leach handled a loss to Utah, marching selected players into a news conference to explain what he perceived as a lack of effort.  Cougar fans are questioning whether there is a method to the coach's madness or it it just madness.  WSU President Floyd has announced an investigation into Wilson's charges.  WSU football fans have seen their share of unusual coaches, but none as polarizing as Coach Leach.  Time will tell if he is the right player to turn the program around.

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Anonymous said...

The head coach is the one that is under performing & not producing results. The team is only as good as its head coach who is by the way grossly overpaid for his non production of positive results. The AD & university pres need to wake up.