Friday, November 02, 2012

Ruderman Endorses Finkbeiner

Laura Ruderman, former legislator from Washington's 45th district has been heard on Robo calls endorsing Bill Finkbeiner for Lieutenant Governor.  Ruderman is known as a staunch Democrat.  Finkbeiner was once elected to the state house in the 45th in '92 as a Democrat, but switched to the Republican party a couple years later in a run for senate, allowing Finkbeiner's Republican opponent in '92, Dr Backlund to regain his seat.  Ruderman defeated Backlund a few years later.
Imcumbent Lt Governor Brad Owens is considered by some a Democrat in name only (Dino).  Many Republicans and Democrats think of Finkbeiner as a Republican in name only (Rino).  In spite of the low profile of the office, the Lt Governor has real power.  He presides over the State Senate and can vote in case of a tie.  He also assumes the governor's position when he/she is out of state.

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