Monday, June 20, 2011

Issaquah Auto show


Even a casual car fan like me can have a great time  at "Fenders On Front Street"in Issaquah.  I invited my dad to join me at the car show yesterday, which was Father's Day.  After a nice breakfast at 12th Street Cafe, we drove a few blocks in my Dad's '88 Mercedes (lower picture)  to the show.  Front Steet (Issaquah's Main Drag) was closed off from Gilman to Sunset as the festival featured automobiles from every decade of the 20th century and beyond. I was most impressed with the Deloreans (top picture). Even though it is estimated that only6600 of that model remain, there were about 10 of them in a row. Presented by the PacifcNorthwest DeLorean Club, which was listed as the largest of it's kind.

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