Monday, February 21, 2011

Barers Of Maple Valley Goes To The Desert

We left for Palm Springs last Wednesday expecting to catch an early morning flight, only to find out that our plane had been delayed until 1. We decided to try to get on an earlier flight and after a couple of failed attempts, we were able to grab another morning flight to Oakland. Once there, we had to find another flight to Ontario, where we would rent a car and head another 100 miles to Palm Springs. We finally made it to Ontario around 7. We where too late to attend a show at McCallum with my Dad and Jean, however, they where able to give away our tickets. We finally arrived at 8:30 to my Dad's condo in Rancho Mirage.

The next day, was sunny and we went to the pool. We went to dinner that night at "The River", a stylish shopping mall in Rancho Mirage. The third photo from top shows the man made river. The name of the restaurant was Acqua Pazza Bistro. After dinner, Deb and I took them back and we headed to the Thursday Market in Palm Springs. After checking out the vibrant night scene, we spent a little time at the Spa Resort Casino.
On Friday, I met up with my Dad and Uncle for coffee, later joining my Dad's old friend, Andy Epstein for lunch at The Palms.
We moved over to Indio, where we would stay with thein-laws at their time-share (5th picture down is the view from the balcony. I noticed that some supermarkets had parking spots for golf carts (second picture down).
Saturday, it was a trip to the Market at the College Of The Desert in Palm Desert (top picture). We then went to the Living Desert, which is the local Zoo. We ended the day at a Mexican Restaurant in Palm Desert.
On Sunday, we met with my brother and his wife, then headed drove back to Ontario, fourth picture is one section of the many windmills that are seen as you enter or leave Palm Springs from the West. We had a smooth flight home.

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