Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Sad Farewell To Mimi Arfin

There are people that you meet maybe once or twice and you remember for the rest of your life. Mariam (Mimi) Arfin was one of those people. Very pretty, very smart, she could bowl you over with her charm.
I met Mimi Arfin in 1970, her mom was a former schoolmate of my Father's at the University Of Washington. They had come from California to help celebrate my Bar Mitzvah.
 In 1972, I attended Camp Solomon Schechter. Most of the campers attending knew others through their youth groups. The year before, my sister attended with me so I had someone that I knew, in '72, I was in the older kids session so I would not be able to attend my sister. It was no problem because as I was to board the bus from the airport in Portland to the camp, Mimi Arfin stepped up. For the session, she  acted as a big sister for me. Mimi was very relaxed and had a gift of making people feel very comfortable and at home. While most girls that age focused on High School things, Mimi thought about world problems and faith. Even though I only saw Mimi once after that, she was in my heart forever. A few weeks ago my Dad gave me the sad news that Mimi Arfin had passed away from lung cancer. Mimi left behind her husband and two daughters.

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