Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Weekend In Las Vegas

I just returned from Las Vegas where my wife is still attending the MBE (The UPS Store) convention. We flew over last Friday, our plane's landing was delayed because President Obama has just spoken and all air traffic was held up. We arrived by taxi to Caesar's Palace, when we entered the registration area. Deb, who was several steps behind me yelled "Mike, it's Shaq!" I looked behind and saw a huge man, Shaq was scheduled to box at the Palace and was roaming the gaming area.
We were given a beautiful room, but while we were unpacking, Deb found dried fecal matter on the walls in the bathroom. Although housekeeping arrived upon call, we decided to get a change of rooms. The second room lacked the amenities of the first, so we asked for another change of rooms, we did not think that we should be downgraded for something that wasn't our fault. We were given a newer, larger room with a sweeping view of the strip. We were also given a free pass to the Palace Spa. All in all, we were happy with customer service at the Palace. The top picture was taken from our room.
We spent the days at the pool, there are about seven pools at the palace, our favorite was the Jupiter, which was in the back corner. There was also a pool where blackjack tables were set up, although I rarely play at tables when I'm in a casino, this was just too cool to pass up, I managed to finish a winner.
On the second night, we went to the Paris and went up the Eiffel Tower. That is where we took the second picture from the top.
On my last night, we visited Pure, a nightclub in Caesar's Palace, that was made famous by being frequented by celebrities like Paris Hilton and such. That is from where the bottom picture was taken.

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