Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kaine, Murray Highlight Democratic State Convention

National Committee Chair Tim Kaine and US Senator Patty Murray headlined the Washington Democratic State Convention in Vancouver this weekend. Approximately 700 of the faithful gathered to meet and greet fellow Democrats at the start of what may or may not turn out to be a tough year for the party. Historically the party that controls the White House looses ground at the midterm elections.

Kaine alluded to the fact that he was able to attend conventions in both Washington and Oregon in the same weekend because of the luck of scheduling and the proximity of Vancouver to the Oregon border. Referring to the so called Tea Baggers wanting to take their country back, he asked "what is so great about back.anyway?"

Senator Murray spoke of new jobs created and the need to hold oil companies and Wall Street accountable for past deeds.

Particularly impressive was Jay Clough, a 33 year old Tri Cities resident who is running against long time 4th district Congressman Doc Hastings. Clough pulled no punches in a scathing attack on Hastings.

The Convention also payed tribute to retiring Congressman Brian Baird. Baird has represented the district that includes Vancouver. State Senator Craig Pridmore was chosen as Convention Chair.

There was one notable flair up amongst the delegates when during lengthy debate, a delegate moved that the platform be adopted. In spite of overwhelming approval of the move, some delegates were angry they could not tinker a little more.

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