Monday, February 22, 2010

Palm Springs IV: Sullivan's Debacle

We were in the Palm Springs area on Valentine's Day. A trip to Sullivan's was on the schedule. Sullivan's is at 73505 El Passeo in Palm Desert, El Passeo is the Palm Springs equivalent of Rodeo Drive. Deb and I went along with her sister and her husband and my cousin and her husband. We waited in a crowded bar until our reservation came up--we knew that service could be a little slow because it was Valentine's Day. We were shown our seats and looked over our menus. All ordering our favorite things, the evening was going smooth except that my sister-in-law mentioned that the ladies restroom was not up to par. We mentioned it to our waitress, who seemed to be in command of the evening. She talked to the manager but nothing was done. My wife also mentioned that her steak was not cooked very well. The waitress just said, it will taste better tomorrow after it has been microwaved. As the evening progressed, we ordered a rather expensive bottle of wine. Being Valentine's and we were in a nice restaurant, it seemed like a fun thing to do. When we got our bill however, we were charged for a much more expensive bottle. We mentioned it to our waitress, who brought the manager over. We understood that on Valentine's Day, the employess were a little stressed out, but this manager was hot, accusing us of ripping him off. Nothing could have been further from the truth. After a serious argument which removed any enjoyment we could have had from the evening, the manager relented. We decided to scratch Sullivan's from any further visits in the future.

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