Friday, February 05, 2010

New York Vinnie Leaves Town For New Gig

"New York" Vinnie Richichi, whose unorthodox radio delivery helped put sports radio on the map in the Seattle area, is leaving town for a new sports station on the East Coast. Pioneer radio station KDKA is launching an all live and local sports station at 93.7 fm in the Pittsburgh area. It will go by the nickname "The Fan".
Richichi will co-host a mid-day radio show with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Ron Cook. New York Vinnie had lived in the Seattle area since 1993, when he arrived at KJR as it was beginning it's long run as a sportstalk station. With a strong New York dialect, he endeared himself to fans with his passion for baseball during a time when Seattle was struggling to keep it's team.He is often credited with helping to get Safeco Field built. He also used his radio pulpit in the fight to get the Seahawk's Qwest Field built.
He would later work at KIRO-Radio and occasionally at Q-13. Best of luck, Vinnie!

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