Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dwight Pelz Visits 5th District Democrats

Washington State Democratic Chair Dwight Pelz spoke to the 5th Democrats last night at the
King County Library Service Center. While he was warmly received, the meeting could probably not be called a "lovefest" as he was peppered with questions as from concerned fellow Democrats on topics such as Washington's "Top Two" Primary, support for 5th District Candidates, holding Democratic elected officials to the platform and support for Democratic non-partisan candidates.
Pelz also questioned each of the attendees on how they felt about the health care issue. The room seemed evenly split between the cautious "Public Option" and the bolder "Single Payer" coverage. Pelz also mentioned that Democrats encompassed the fastest growing segments of the population, while Republicans compressed shrinking demographics. After the meeting Pelz joined thirsty 5th District members at the Issaquah Brewhous.

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