Monday, April 27, 2009

Celebrity Apprentice: Trump Dams The Rivers

When Joan and Melissa Rivers were picked to be contestants on Celebrity Apprentice, viewers knew the potential hazards that existed because of the necessity that one of them would have to be fired before the other and that dynamic came to fruition last night. Melissa, it seems had a miserable time in high school, at least that is what is indicated by her persistant rants through the evening. When Trump passed a note in the middle of the boardroom, it brought the memory smack right to her and when Trump fired her, she went to pieces.
This is not to say that she deserved to be fired, Annie Duke, who was super in many tasks, did an unbelievably miserable job in a project that she practically took over from start to finish. Brande Roderick, came across as an inarticulate marshmallow. Perhaps, it should have been a triple firing, because no one in the show left with their hands clean.
The project was to create a four page advertisement for "Right Guard" the venerable men's deodorant. The subject in the advertisement was rising NBA star David Lee, who is not by any means the most popular guy with "David Lee" in his name.
Trump asked Jesse James to rejoin the KOTU team, Jesse, who had been the quiet soft spoken classy guy in the competition, seemed to turn into a sulking, bickering troublemaker. He couldn't get along with Clint. He refused to respect Clint as this task's project manager. His team won however and was spared anymore embarrassment, other than Joan's outburst after her daughter was fired.

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PJ said...

Spoiled Brat with a potty mouth.
Good riddance! Both of them!
I really don't care who wins at this point.