Monday, March 02, 2009

Trump Fires Dice In Celebrity Apprentitce

Donald Trump kicked off his second season of Celebrity Apprentice last night with more recognizable, yet not so appealing celebrities. Like last year, it's starting out as competition between men and women.
In last night's episode, the teams introduced themselves and came up with names and project manager's for the first task. Actually, the teams will keep the names, they will just have different PMs, like usual. The men being as humble as they are picked KOTU or "Kings Of The Universe". The women picked Athena for a name, explaining that they were named after the Greek goddess of war.
Speaking of War, Donald Trump kicks off the first task by landing on the US Air Carrier Intrepid, reminding me of George W's famous landing on an air carrier awhile back. KOTU has picked former NFL star Hershel Walker for project manager. Athena picks Joan Rivers. Incidentally, Joan's daughter Melissa is also on Athena. Will Trump be afraid to fire Joan in front of Melissa? How about firing Melissa in front of Joan?
The first task is to bake cupcakes and sell them on the street. One of Trump's favorite tasks is street vending in New York. The women cannot get along at all. The men on the other hand don't seem to be able to get it together. Their big selling point is Dennis Rodman and he runs his own show. Andrew Dice Clay is another problem as he is still protesting lack of celebrity treatment although his being on the show should count for something--I mean really.
Needless to say, Hershel cannot control either Rodman or Dice. They also cannot cook worth a darn.
Athena wins, and Trump asks Walker to pick two people to go into the boardroom. Not surprisingly he picks Rodman and Dice. Either of those 3 deserve to be fired, but Dice had already expressed his desire to quit and he does the walk of shame.

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Anonymous said...

great review. There are some BIG ole egos this season for sure!!