Sunday, October 07, 2007

Anger And Emotion Permeate Democratic Eastside Dinner

The Eastside Democratic Dinner has traditionally been a fun and affordable gathering for suburban King County Democrats. The classy dressy affair generally takes place in a Bellevue Hotel with local and national speakers giving their stock speeches. Nothing could be more different than tonight's dinner at the Bellevue Westin Hotel in Lincoln Center where an anti war protester interrupted Congressional Candidate Darcy Burner's speech and introduction of the night's main speaker, Retired Major General Paul Eaton.
The evening hosted by Rob Estes, started with Senator Patty Murray's keynote address, Senator Murray said Congress under the Democratic rule is providing over site to the war and addressing the concerns of veterans. After polite applause Senator Murray seemed to want to take a seat but was motioned to exit through what looked like the kitchen door. Darcy Burner got up to speak, and suddenly one of the guests began screaming at her about Senator Murray and the congress. Not losing her cool, Burner quietly told the man to sit down, to which he did.
General Eaton came up to speak but first allowed the protester to say his piece. The General who broke ranks with the White House, told the crowd that the Iraq war was executed incompetently by the administration. Eaton, who's son is about to be deployed in Afghanistan called for, not a victory but a thorough crushing of the GOP in November of 2008. He further went on to say that America's dependence on oil has set the stage for this war and that total withdrawal at this time would be a mistake.
I once again thank washblog for this video from the affair

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