Sunday, June 04, 2006

Wa Hi Class Of '76

Pictured is the School's mascot, the Blue Devil. Tuesday will mark the 30 anniversary of our high school graduation (there is a little irony there). The day before, we had a dress rehearsal. We were supposed to give our name to the class president and he would announce of as we took our diploma. We all gave fake names (only during the rehearsal, thank God)
That afternoon, we had did not have any classes. Many of us went up to the mountain cabin of one of our classmates for an afternoon reminiscing of our high school experience.
Our Graduation was a well done event outside at the Wa Hi campus. It was a beautiful summer evening. Before we received our diplomas, ASB President Mike Clark took out his guitar and sang a song that he had written for the occasion.
Some of the songs that were popular at the time were Dream Weaver by Gary Wright, Crazy On You by a brand new Seattle based band called Heart, and Show Me The Way by Peter Frampton.
Starsky And Hutch and Saturday Night Live were the most popular TV shows at the time. The president was Gerald Ford and Dan Evans was our Governor. Posted by Picasa


Dave Zarkin said...

I am sure that Mitch Rider's "Devil with the Blue Dress" was also a huge WaHi favorite. Were the Devils blue because they lost too many games? Amongst my high school peers, the big hits were "Heart Break Hotel" and "Hearts of Stone."

Mike Barer said...

No, they blue away the opposition!