Monday, February 04, 2019

Namath Featured On Super Bowl Pregame Coverage

After the first two Super Bowls, it was widely thought that the NFL was vastly superior to what was then the AFL.  In 1969, even though the NFL's Baltimore Colts were favored over the AFL's New York Jets, Quarterback Joe Namath guaranteed a Jets victory.   The Jets would shock the country with a 16-7 victory over the Colts.  It's widely though that this meant the AFL had arrived.  It's  said to have spurred on the merger that brought the AFL teams into the NFL.  
Since that game was 50 years ago, CBS paid tribute to Namath in it's pregame coverage of this year's Super Bowl.


Bob Lederer said...

That CBS feature was the typical tribute to Joe and snub (some think it is an insult) of the 44 other guys not-named-Namath (and their coaches), whose talent, guile and dedication uplifted the QB to fulfill his SBIII victory guarantee. Nobody is a one-man team, even though CBS' introduction of this piece said Joe "singlehandedly" won SBIII. Stupid. Ridiculous. Pathetic. And CBS had almost one year to get this right--and I know for a fact that they were only interested in the QB and not any of his teammates. Shameful!

Charles Stein said...

The game plan and execution with Matt Snell and ALL of the other players confounded the Colts.