Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Pat O'Day And Jimi Hendrix

I got in my car and Sirius/XM radio was on.  A Jimi Hendrix song was fading out and DJ Meg Griffin was coming on. She told the story of when Hendrix, a Seattle native died, his family couldn't afford to bring his body back to the states.  His record company, that made millions off of his music would not get involved. She mentioned that finally a Seattle DJ stepped up and paid to have Jimi Hendrix brought back to this area where he is now buried.  Griffin said "I think his name was Pat O'Day".  I had already heard that story but was really proud to have it get national attention.
The picture above of Pat and Jimi shaking hands at a Garfield High School pep assembly, in story in itself.  It has been made into a statue by Pat's son Jerry.  The picture was recently displayed in an exhibit at the State Capitol on the year 1968.

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