Tuesday, June 05, 2018

RFK Assasination--50 Years Ago

I was 10 years old and was finishing 4th grade.  I was interesting in politics as my parent were and I was pulling for Senator Robert F. Kennedy, the brother of John F. Kennedy, who had fallen to an assassination.
There was something exciting and attractive about the Kennedy family. 
The president, Lyndon Johnson, had announced he was not running for reelection.  He was already being challenge by Kennedy and Minnesota Senator Eugene McCarthy both anti war candidates. 
Kennedy lost in the Oregon primary.  He had to come in first in what was then the winner take all California Primary or he would be out of the race.
The outlook was bleak, when I went to bed, Kennedy was trailing McCarthy. The next morning, my mom came to wake me up, Senator Kennedy had been shot.  The cruel irony is that he won the California primary.  He was alive, but in critical condition.  Sadly, the next day, he died.  A campaign that had so much promise was lost to an assassins bullet.

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