Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Could Mark Cuban Run For President In 2020?

Mark Cuban's name has been brought for a run at the US presidency in 2020.
Mark Cuban seems to be no friend to Donald Trump.  To some, they seem one in the same, obnoxious billionaires.  Both have been involved in reality TV. 
However, one difference between the two gentlemen is that Cuban did not grow up wealthy.  Cuban made his wealth during the dot com boom and sold out in time to avoid the big bust. 
He bought the struggling Dallas Mavericks in 2000 and turned them into a perennially playoff team.  The team won the NBA title in 2011.
Cuban endeared himself to many local sports fans to voting against the Seattle Sonics successful bid to move to Oklahoma City.
Mark Cuban has been a regular member of the investment panel on the popular reality TV show The Shark Tank.  He seems to invest in more quirky ideas than the other panel members and is known for being the "techie" on the show. 
Cuban at one time had stated that he answered every email that he received.  I emailed him and did indeed get a response. 

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