Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gangsterland By Tod Goldberg

Available on Amazon or your favorite book store, Gangsterland is a rather tongue-in-cheek book about a Chicago hit man named Sal Cupertine.  After a botched job, he becomes the target of the Mafia and the FBI.  He is forced to fake his own death and go into hiding.  He undergoes plastic surgery and ends up posing as and basically becoming a Las Vegas rabbi.  Now if you were hiding from the mob, and  authorities, Las Vegas does not seem like it would be the best choice.  He may have better luck posing as a rabbi in Spokane or Portland.  However our author, who obviously, did his homework as far both plot and character development, knew that Vegas was needed to provide the best and most interesting storyline.  After reading books and studying Talmud, Sal Cupertine emerges as Rabbi David Cohen, so much so that he is referred to as David throughout the rest of the story. 
Of course, like with any book written by Lee or Tod Goldberg, you get their unique observational humor.

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