Sunday, June 15, 2014

Casey Kasem Signs Off

Casey Kasem, who brought America the Top 40 countdown has died.  The iconic Kasem was popular for not only playing the most popular songs from number 40 to number one, but also for humanizing the music business.  Kasem would tell anecdotes about various Rock acts. 
Things have changed but until Kasem's show played in Walla Walla on K-HIT in the 1970, you could only hear Rock music at night from Monday until Saturday.  The only other way was to listen to the scratchy (from distance) Tri City stations.  K-HIT, at the time, was under new ownership and in the process of modernizing. Now on Sundays, teenagers like myself had music on the radio that we could enjoy listening to. 
By strange turn of events, Kasem died in Gig Harbor, about 35 miles from Maple Valley.  It was after a very ugly battle amongst family members. Maybe now we  will remember Casey from the right way.  As the man who gave us "....the hits from coast to coast."

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