Thursday, May 30, 2013

Barers Of Maple Valley Venture Out To Capitol Hill

Last Saturday, Deb and I went with my Cousin and her husband to the Capitol Hill area of Seattle.  We found it to be a loud, vibrant area.  Our first stop was Sun Liquor(pictured above) on Summit Street.  Their was no wait staff, so it we needed to go to the bar and order our drink.  The mixed drinks were made of fresh fruits which the bartender squeezed for each order. They were very Delicious.  Afterwards, we walked the dogs.  There was a row of small houses down a sidewalk that intersected with the street.
Then we drove to the Elysian Brewery on Pike Street for dinner.  It is a well known microbrewery in the Seattle area.  The food was good, but even better was the service.  On a crowded Saturday night, we were able to get a table in right away.  Our food server was very good at helping us make meal choices.  My friend said that she was one of the best he ever had. 
After dinner and a side stop, we walked to The Unicorn.  The streets were filled with party people, bringing energy to the neighborhood.  The Unicorn was unique, but not scary,  there were rare pinball machines and a carnival motif.  We enjoyed the games before we called it an evening.


Ginger Dawn Harman said...

When I fist saw this I thought What they are in Dc? Awesome..If you do ever come, our families will have dinner!

Mike Barer said...

Seattle at one time was going to be Washington's Capitol, and it would have built the dome there. At least, that is what I heard.