Saturday, January 08, 2011

Marshawn Lynch Touchdown Run Against NO Saints 2011 Playoffs

The Seattle Seahawks have stunned the sports world with a 41-36 victory over the defending Superbowl champion New Orleans Saints. The Seahawks barely qualified for the play-offs with a 7-9 record. No other team in the history of the NFL gone to the post season with a losing record in a non strike year.
I lucky enough to be at the game, played before a full house of wild screaming fans, the highlight was a 64 yard touchdown run (above) by Marshawn Lynch in which he broke 6 tackles. It took place as the teams lead seemed to be slipping.
John Carlson caught two touchdown passes and Mike Williams rake in a td pass to start the 3rd quarter. Matt Hasselbeck threw for 272 yards. The Seahawks will not find out who their next opponent will be until Sunday evening.

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