Thursday, September 04, 2008

Walla Walla IV--Walking Wine Tour

My cousins checked in to the Whitman Hotel for their last 2 nights in Walla Walla, Kevin and I began a walking tour of the wineries. Our first stop was the Hiney Winery on 2nd Street. It was based on a radio bit by renown DJ Rick Dees 25 years ago. The winemaker, Tom Hodgins, actually has owned radio stations in Walla Walla and had acquired the rights to name his product after Dees's
fictitious winery.
We met up with the girls (my wife and cousin C) at the Hiney and walked to the Spring Valley Winery, which was owned by the Derby family. Before the days of Drew Bledsoe (whom I have read also owns a winery in Walla Walla) Dean Derby was one of the few Walla Wallans who played in the NFL. Derby went to the University Of Washington and played professionally for the Minnesota Vikings and the Pittsburgh Steelers. There is quite a presentation at the tasting room where they give the winerie's entire history.
Still on foot, we turned the corner onto Main Street and went to the Waterbrook, which was one of Walla Walla's older wineries. We looked around, but did not participate in the tasting.
Our final tour stop was the Sapolil cellars. We sat with some other people at a piano bar where the owner was talking about all sorts of area history. We enjoyed the wine there although noone played the piano, we decided that it was a delightful place.

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