Friday, August 08, 2008

My Brother Steve Gets His 15 Minutes

Steve and Dawn went to a Boxing match at the Emerald Queen Casino and were able to get on TV, according to this youtube clip off his blog. You can click here to see it, don't blink.

It brought back fond memories of when Deb and I went to the Space Needle for New Year's Eve and managed to get on camera.

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steve said...

More lke three seconds.

We actually appeared on the Showtime telecast several times. Unfortunately the portions of the fights that we appeared in seemed to be the uploads that had the worst picture clarity or were just not uploaded.

During the first fight about 90 seconds in I was on screen I instantly wondered where Dawn was and on cue she peaked around the guy in front of her.

We both can be seen just before the introduction of the main event
as we were right in the middle of the shot for a bout three seconds.

No one uploaded that portion.