Monday, March 10, 2008

Another Puget Sounder Gets Her 15 Minutes In Texas

Does anyone remember Lynsey Nordstrom? Of course you don't, she was the Seattle area girl, whose resemblence to Jessica Simpson earned her a ticket to the New York Giants-Dallas Cowboys game where she supposedly distracted Tony Romo (Romo dates Simpson).
Now a Tacoma area teen is in the news in a story that seems to be making it's way around the nation as the sleeping child in a Hilary Clinton ad. Casey Knowles and her family where watching Jon Stewart on TV when she saw the above ad and realized that she was in it. The ad which was to make Obama look weak ran in Texas and suggested Hilary's experience would make her better able to handle a crisis. The catch is that Casey is an Obama supporter. She has even contacted the Obama camp about making a counter ad. Talk about an ad backfiring.

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