Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So What?!

When I was little, around the time The Beatles were a new and fresh act, The Lloyd Thaxton Show was on TV. Lloyd Thaxton had a dance show similar to American Bandstand with guests who went on to become musical legends, the difference was that Lloyd was part of the show. He had a "what me worry" sense of humor that was as entertaining as the musical acts, crowd participation was a must. At the end of the show, Lloyd would always say "this is the Lloyd Thaxton Show and I'm Lloyd Thaxton" to which the teenagers in the audience, would yell "so what" watching Lloyd, it made me feel that being a teenager was the coolest thing in the world. Well Lloyd is putting together a dvd of his old shows. It is bound to bring back a lot of memories.


Mike Barer said...
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Mike Barer said...

From Dave Zarkin
I don't know if I ever saw LT, but I know from my ex roommate John that
he was popular on Ch
13 in LA in the 50s, 60s. He is an obscure but I am sure interesting
part of early rock history,
which I wrote a post on WDGY recently. You must get that DVD set on
LT. Keep up the good
work. I believe LT was shyndicated and you must of watched it on KXLY
or KHQ?

lloyd thaxton said...

Hi Mike:

Thanks for the DVD plug and the link to my blog. I really like what you said.


Mike Barer said...

Thank you Lloyd, I put this up for your fans, your comments are icing on the cake!