Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sock It To Me Girl Judy Carne Dies

Her catch phrase somewhat endured, but her career didn't.  Judy Carne, the lovely lovable cast member of NBC's Laugh-In from the late 60s has died.  The English actor was known for getting smacked or dunked with water everytime the phrase "sock it to me" was heard.  She was cast in the comedy variety show at a time when America was smitten with the British.  This was, after all, only a few years after the Beatles had come to America.  Carne had previously starred in the ABC situation comedy "Love On A Rooftop" with Pete Duel.
Carne left Laugh-In after the second season and did not enjoy the success that some fellow cast members like Goldie Hawn enjoyed. She eventually returned to her native England.

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