Saturday, December 05, 2009

Radio Superstar Worked At Walla Walla Radio Station

I am in no means, a fan of Right wing windbag Glenn Beck. However I understand that he has a connection with my hometown that I was not aware of. Apparently, Beck worked for Walla Walla radio station KUJ in the early 1980s.
You may recall that I wrote about KUJ in a post from earlier this year. If you are aware of the political climate in Walla Walla, you would imagine that Beck would be popular in that area even without the connection. Also a thank you to Cheryl Hodgins for the tip.

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Danny Barer said...

The article said he was a morning show host at KUJ in 1982. In 1982, the morning host on weekdays was Dan McMahon (aka Wee Willie Winkle). Also, in 1982 Beck would have been 18, and I'm not sure even KUJ would have an 18 year old as a morning show host. I wonder if the article has his credits wrong.